Our story

Founded in 2018, Effectus Digital has matured into a value-based technology consulting company. We were formed in response to the need for companies to get better returns from their technology investments. Our people have a proven track record in the delivery of leading-edge, fit for purpose solutions that provide measurable returns.

We harness the power of global teams and partnerships to deliver technology excellence that is fit for your business. Today, we help our clients navigate their growth path with clarity and to build organisational cyber-resilience through their people to navigate the future.

Our purpose

Our purpose is the answer to the question: why does Effectus Digital exist?
We exist to bring clarity that is the foundation to creating an extraordinary impact on our ever increasing ‘circle of influence’ through our people, culture, and technology excellence.

We exist to help tech start-ups, small to medium businesses, and enterprises make technology work in a way that is desired by the business. Our people have a proven track-record for helping teams to run leaner, faster, and smoother. By finding out what makes your business great and what might be holding it back – we come up with a clear roadmap and help you to find the best solutions available.

Our greatest strength is dealing with uncertainty and ambiguity. When you know what business outcomes you need but are unsure on how to get them, we bring clarity and help you navigate the next steps.

Our values

We’re on a mission to bring clarity to technology decision-making and helping our clients navigate through uncertainty and ambiguity. And with that comes a commitment to doing things a certain way. These are our founding principles that build our culture: they shape who we are, what we stand for, and how we do things.

  • Provide clarity and transparency
  • Be the change we seek
  • Always execute excellence, no less
  • Act with integrity, respect, and inclusiveness

Our methodology

We are strong believers in the power of technology as a tool for change and progression. Our methodology assists organisations rapidly test and validate their strategy before investing in large transformational programs.

We seek to provide clarity and control through application of proven practices that are fit for your organisation, project, and the problem we are trying to solve.

During Discovery, we manage the uncertainty and the skills required to do that differ significantly from that of managing Delivery – where we are managing the typical project controls of scope, quality, and time.

Get clarity, take control, and make IT work.

Discovery - to manage the uncertainty

  • Engage

    During the Engage phase – you get to know us, and we get to know you and most importantly – the problem we are here to solve. We can start with our complementary one-hour workshop as the first step.

  • Discover

    Now that we know what the problem is, we can start workshopping to gather the requirements, architecting a future-state, help you with independent and trusted advice around market engagement, software/solution evaluations and selection, and through to the expert contract negotiations.

  • Decide

    Now that we understand our options, we will assist the leadership team with decision support including Business Case creation and approval through your governance processes.

Project Delivery - to manage scope, quality and time

  • Design

    In this phase, we plan and design the solution and usually it is with multiple software and services providers. We normally do pilot or proof of concept before finalising the design.

  • Deliver

    We are experienced in delivering on our promises with no surprises. We build and deploy using iterative approach and constantly getting feedback from the end users to ensure the delivery hits the mark – every single time!

  • Embed

    Nothing we do is worth anything if we can’t support you in embedding the new way of working it into your business. Afterall, this is when you realise the benefits of your investment and effort – it must create value for your business. We normally conduct regular checks to make sure the value is realised.

Our Team

Our partnerships

Effectus Digital works with global enterprises to build the capabilities required to transform and succeed in a rapidly changing landscape. Staying true to our customer-centric approach, we work with partners to deliver a full suite of solutions meeting our customer’s specific needs & aspirations. We provide international reach and local touch for consistent excellence in the way we deliver our services.

When needed, we leverage our network of trusted partners to amplify the scale, speed and outcomes we deliver to our clients. Together with our partners, we are passionate about driving innovation, creating exceptional customer experiences, and seizing new opportunities for value-creation for the start-ups, small to medium or large enterprises.

Together, with our partners we take on the most complex challenges & needs of enterprise business:

  • Modernisation i.e., removal of legacy systems and reduction of technical debt
  • Intelligence driven decision-making that brings clarity for leadership
  • Build low-cost digital products & platforms using variety of technology
  • Innovation for scale and growth
  • Build or bolster cybersecurity capability across various domains
  • Sustainability into the future

Technical partners

Technology providers

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