Turn outdated into automated! Yes, we can help you streamline repetitive tasks and implement paperless processes with affordable technologies, so you can focus your attention where it’s needed most.

Our digitalisation and automation services are tailored for small businesses that help you do more with less. We take our time to understand your business and what will work best. By gaining access to senior technology expertise at the fraction of the cost of hiring a fulltime employee, you can ensure that there is a carefully executed plan in place which ensures everyone working in your business has what they need to succeed. You can build scalability for your growth plans and avoid the bottlenecks that occur when your business gets dependent on a single person.

Effectus Digital can help you to make the right technology decisions and set strong foundations for your business. We operate independently and offer solutions that are in your best interests, rather than for kickbacks. We help you with technology evaluation(s) and negotiate vendor contracts on your behalf that work for your business – now and into the future.

We can take the uncertainty out of technology decisions and bring clarity on the steps you need to take to improve your business.

Services for small to medium business Your business, automated.

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