As we digitise businesses and automate operations, the importance of Cybersecurity cannot be overstated. That goes for everyone including small businesses, large corporates, and even individuals; cybersecurity is a must because we need to protect our company’s data, personally identifiable information, intellectual property, our financial and non-financial assets.

Since the pandemic, we have seen increasing tensions between the business’s need to digitise/automate and their technology and/or cybersecurity team’s ability to protect the organisation’s information. This has caused a number of businesses to re-evaluate their security posture – but it must be done within the context of the organisation and their risk appetite. In doing so, the cybersecurity team(s) must work hand-in-hand with the operational team(s) to achieve automation and efficiency whilst also ensuring the organisation, its employees and customers are protected.

As a cybersecurity and technology consulting company, our goal is to help improve cybersecurity posture and assist our clients in tightening their defences against malicious attacks whilst ensuring operational efficiency doesn’t become the poor cousin. We cut through the confusion and tell you what your business actually needs as there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach that can be applied. Our approach is tailored to help you navigate through the uncertainty and provide you with clarity, so you can take back the control and make cybersecurity work for your business.

We are pleased to report that our company was recently recognised by Clutch, a data-driven B2B review platform, as Australia’s leading cybersecurity consulting firm. This honour was made possible because of the feedback we received from our clients and our staff’s ability to go above and beyond to help our clients.

“We are both thrilled and humbled to be chosen as one of Australia’s Top B2B Firms by as a result of our relentless pursuit for delivering quality results for our clients!” — Deepak Oberoi | Managing Director | Effectus Digital

Words are not enough to express our team’s gratitude. We are inspired by this award and motivated to continue this journey with everyone around us. Our whole team would also like to extend their appreciation to our clients who left us great reviews on our Clutch profile. Our company is proud to have five-star reviews. For context, here is an example of one of the quotes from those reviews that moved us:

“As a business owner, I don’t have to worry about my IT and the platform being built. I know there are problems and challenges, but I have real confidence and trust in Deepak (Founder). He is a safe pair of hands, and he is a good generalist. He has knowledge across all of the demands of our IT and when he doesn’t know something, I know he will do the research to get the right answer. That trust is important.” — Scott Krebs | Managing Director | Predikt-r

Ready for your business to grow with confidence without constantly worrying about cyber threats?

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